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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nice RN Pick, Obama!

I knew I voted for Obama for a reason.

Although it mildly annoyed me that he mentioned nurse in the same category as janitor and garbage man (two admirable, but unskilled job titles) in two of his debates, I figured he'd be pro-RN by the ANA's endorsement of him, and his campaign's ability to think out of the box (all RN's have that quality).

But today, I found this article confirming Obama's love for nurses.

It's an exciting article proclaiming Obama's selection of Dr. Mary Wakefield, PhD, RN, FAAN to director of the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Finally, a position filled with a worthy candidate, in a job I'd like to have one day.
If only I could get a hold of her resume so I could figure out how she got there...

Needless to say, will be eagerly watching her work in the HRSA, specifically to see if she has the same view as I do, that universal healthcare in the US will never work without first establishing a stronger network of medical homes, in the form of free-low-income clinics. What good is universal healthcare if no MD will accept it?

We'll see. Maybe I could fanangle my way into her office for an interview.

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