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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ornery Old Ladies...

Today, I'm glad I chose to be a nurse (and think you should be/choose, too), because once in awhile -- every rare once in awhile -- you get to be the nurse of a patient who happens to be a funny, cute, little, ornery old lady.

The ones I'm talking about are very, very rare...they aren't just any little old lady.

They're kind of quirky, and don't ever ask for things (they just command them), and sometimes, they even call you beautiful and get better and get out of the ICU.

And when they do, they say, "If my new nurse isn't as nice and pretty and friendly as you, I'm just gonna get up and walk right back."

And then, before you leave them in their new bed, on their new floor, with their new nurse, they make their granddaughters take your picture with them on their cellphone camera, and ask their family if they can get it blown up to poster size. Hehe.

I love those ladies.

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Linda Tieman said...

It takes me back, as an "experienced" nurse to read these comments. Being a nurse, I know now, made me human. It's pretty hard to be good at this career and not get to know yourself deeply, and get to know people deeply, too. Lots of surprised in doing that.
If you reflect, you'll be amazed at the things you understand, the things you can do, and the interpersonal experiences you've had. Very few careers can match this. Depite some low times, I'm really glad that I became a nurse.