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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

White heart identity.

Be a nurse, because you get to be a member of a dynamic group of people with an identity. For as long as you live, no matter how long or short you practice, once a nurse, always a nurse.

And the great part about it, is that nurses are all pretty proud of being nurses. They cling to their identity as RN and support and relate to and stick with everyone else who holds that title.

I mean, let's face it...how may professions have their own international symbol?with that Did you know that the RN's is a white heart? Who doesn't want to be associated ? Check it out...be a nurse and you can wear one, too: http://www.icn.ch/whiteheart.htm

Cheesy, but welcoming. Be a nurse: you'll always have friends. Hehe.

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